List of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies.

Hardware Wallets list to store your bitcoin, ether or other cryptocurrencies.

NameSupported Coins

Nano Ledger S

BTC DASH ETC ETH LTC NEO XLM XRP ZEC + 1100 andere Währungen

Trezor One

BTC DASH ETC ETH LTC NEM ZEC + 1000 andere Währungen

Nano Ledger X

BCH BNB BTC DASH ETC ETH LTC NEO XLM + 1100 andere Währungen

Trezor Model T

BAT BCH BTC ETH LTC QTUM XRP XTZ + 1000 andere Währungen


BCH BTC DASH DOGE ETH LTC + 46 andere Währungen

Cool Wallet

BCH BTC ETH LTC XRP + 100 andere Währungen


BEP2 BEP20 BTC DOT ERC20 ETH LTC NEP5 XLM XRP + 10000 andere Währungen


BTC DASH DGB ETH LTC NEO XMR XRP + 1000 andere Währungen

What is a Hardware Wallet and how does it work?

Hardware wallets protect your crypto currencies in a very secure way. Your crypto-currencies are stored on the Blockchain, the physical wallet only ensures that the private data required to access to your crypto currencies are stored on its hardware chip so that you can easily receive and send your crypto-assets safely. To send your crypto currencies, a physical confirmation is required using the buttons on your hardware wallet. Hardwares wallets will create your private key and sign the transactions you want to make.